CIBC Building

Commercial Design

Problem Statement

Design an office space for a graphic design firm in downtown Windsor, Ontario. It must be mostly open concept and make collaborating with team-mates easy. The building has windows on all of its walls, which provide an excellent view of the river and downtown Detroit. The office needs to fit approx. 22 workers at workstations and have seating for 8 guests in the reception area.

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autocad office floorplan

Steelcase Furniture


T6 – kick

post and beam

T1 – post and beam


T2 – reunion

think chair

C1 – think chair


T7 – connect

jenny lounge

C4 – jenny lounge


armstrong hardwood

RM3 – armstrong hardwood

armstrong linoleum

RM1 – armstrong linoleum

flor carpet tile

CR1 – flor carpet tile

armstrong vct

RM2 – armstrong vct

Criteria Matrix

Daylight and/or View Privacy Seating Visitor Seating Primary Secondary File Drawers Overhead Storage Lateral File Storage Bookshelf Closet Space Marker Wall Special Considerations
Reception Area  8  Y  tables, display area
Receptionist  Y  Y  Y  phone, fax, computer, printer
General Office Area (10)  Y  Y  Y  Y  phone, tack board, 2 printers, group area
Partners Offices (4)  Y  Y  Y  Y  multi-media unit, meeting area
Boardroom  20  Y  Y  Y  multi-media unit, VCR/TV, display
Design Studio Area (6)  Y  Y  Y Y  3 drafting boards
Art Director  Y  Y Y  Y  multi-media unit
Work Area  Y  Y  Y  Y  cutting table
Account Representatives (2)  2  Y  Y  Y  Y
Staff Lounge  8  Y  Y  microwave, sink, coffee maker, fridge, cupboards
Research Library  Y  internet, printer, reference table
Office Services  Y  Y  Y  Y  shredder, postage machine, fax, copier
Common Corporate Lounge  Y  displays and seating

Lights & Fixtures

pot and cove lighting

L2, L3 – pot and cove lighting

motion faucet

F5 – motion faucet

tilted mirror

H5 – tilted mirror