Teknion Exhibit

Commercial Design

Problem Statement

Design an exhibit space within a 50ft x 50ft area and a 16ft height restriction. This space needs to have storage for workers and a conference room. A second level may be added, which doesn’t require wheelchair access. The main isles should be 6ft wide and 4ft for secondary isles. The whole exhibit needs to be non-permanent and easy to take apart for moving.

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teknion exhibit sketchup illustration

sketchup podium rendering of office furnituresketchup podium rendering of office furnituresketchup podium rendering of office furniture

teknion exhibit sketch
teknion exhibit sketchup perspective rendering

Requirements List

User Requirements: Reception Areas need 2 workers at each station, Café Area needs 2 workers, Multi-Media Area needs 1 worker, and Display Area needs 1 worker on the floor.
Activity Requirements: Beverages/Presentation
Furnishing Requirements: Seating for Multimedia and lounge areas.
Space Analysis: 2500 sq. ft. Allow 625 sq. ft. for circulation.
Dimensional Requirements: 50’L x 50’W x 16’H

Criteria Matrix

Public Access Privacy Legend
1 Reception Y N Y = Yes
2 Display Y N N = No
3 Lounge/Cafe Y N I = Important but not required
4 Multimedia Y I A = Adjacent
5 VIP Room N Y R = Remote
6 Storage N Y C = Convenient
U = Unimportant
Total Available = 2500 SQ. FT.
2500 SQ. FT. – 625 SQ. FT. = 1875 SQ. FT.
Less than 25% for Circulation = 625 SQ. FT.

Design Considerations

Main aisles: 6ft
Secondary aisles: 4ft

  • People veer to the right when entering a space.
  • Being able to see people gathering grabs the attention of others.
  • Walls and lights can control the flow of traffic.
  • Stairs should be near the center of the exhibit to bring people in.
  • Cafe/Lounge area should be on the ground floor to accommodate large crowds.
  • Reception areas should be near the boundaries of the exhibit.
  • Storage should be easily accessible.
  • All sides of the exhibit should be accessible.
  • Meeting room is a point of interest.
  • Comfortable lounge seating to keep people inside your exhibit.

Methods of Display

Goals: All displays are meant to attract attention, educate and promote a product.
Types: Window displays, interior/exterior displays, kiosk, counter top, closed, shelf, wall, hanging, shadow box, booth.

Teknion Products


101 – outpost


119 – marini


117 – gemini

expansion casegoods

104 – casegoods


W-5 – altos


115 – freesia


route access floor

F-3 – route access floor

brumark maple flexfloor

F-7 – brumark flexfloor

brumark customizable carpet

F-4 – brumark customizable carpet

alusett topdeck two-story system

F-1 – alusett topdeck two-story system


eureka yumi incandescent pendant

eureka yumi incandescent pendant

eureka moonset plus florescent suspended

eureka moonset plus florescent suspended

eureka fixed trim incandescent under cabinet

eureka fixed trim incandescent under cabinet

teknion incandescent uplights

teknion incandescent uplights


This project has been a huge learning process from concept to construction. Organization is key to completing tasks in a timely manner – especially with an extensive project such as this one. Communication plays a big part in the success of any job, as well as time management. These are all important aspects that aid in producing a product, in which your best work shows through. Rushing any step of the process takes its toll on the quality of the end result.

teknion sketchup podium rendering